Grandparenting Membership

In some circumstances, it is possible to gain membership of the LBCAI under the Grand-parenting clause. This enables an individual to gain membership of the association without having to partake in LBCAI associated/affiliated courses/diplomas in coaching skills. In utilising this option as entrance to the association, a candidate must be able to demonstrate a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of coaching skills through the following means;

• Accreditation from other coaching bodies whose course contents match the requirements of the LBCAI.


• Accreditation from other courses (diplomas/degrees etc.) where the content of the course(s) match the requirements of the LBCAI.


• Where an individual has an established status within the coaching field.


• A minimum of 2 years experience in hands-on coaching. This would be assessed by in-depth interview of candidates by 2 members of the LBCAI committee.

Note copies of all qualifications being used in support of membership application under the grand-parenting clause must be sent at time of application.

Furthermore, originals of all documents must be presented at interview stage with committee members for verification purposes.

It is at the discretion of the association as to whether membership is granted under the grand-parenting clause, rulings will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

In the event of any membership being granted under this clause where subsequent falsification of information provided becomes evident, membership will be revoked and subscriptions will be forfeited. Insurers will also be notified of membership being revoked.

Please contact the office for further details and fees on
01 239 3240 or

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